Nov 182012

Unsupervised 44-population ADMIXTURE analysis (K=9) using the Genographic Project’s new “GenoChip” SNP array, from the Geno2.0 poster at ASHG 2012. No photographs of the poster were permitted, but a scaled-down version was made available by the presenters as a handout (scanned in full here).

Quick impressions: Nothing looks too out of the ordinary (save that “South East Asian” has to be a composite of both “ASI” and southern East Asian proper). Those “Northern Indians” could only be Ladakhis or something similar. “Native American” shows up everywhere in Eurasia that you’d expect it, with greatest pronouncedness in the Altaians, next the Mongolians, and then the Tatars, the Finns, and so on. Somewhat interesting that the Mexico Amerindians (wonder what their specific identity is), have a small “North East Asian” element close to negligible in the Andeans. Like I said, no big shocks.

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  1. One small “shock” – the high NE Asian component (white) in the Malagasy sample. Maybe this is due to their haplogroup O Y chromosomes because it is not due to their mtDNAs.

    About the only thing that the Malagasy would have in common with Mexicans is mtDNA haplogroup B.

  2. Yes, I wondered a bit about this as well, but I’d hold off on calling it really anomalous without Bornean or other Indonesian samples for purposes of North/South East Asian ratio comparison (as “South East Asian” should caution us, they’re not, of course, necessarily interchangeable with similarly-labeled components from other admixture analyses).

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