Sep 162011

Tangentially prompted by Dienekes’ post on a marvelous new paper (Yunusbayev et al., 2011) in Molecular Biology and Evolution:

intermarriage attitudes Georgia

intermarriage attitudes Armenia

intermarriage attitudes Azerbaijan

Source (via Quetzalcoatl); charts based on the 2009 Caucasus Barometer survey of the Caucasus Research Resource Centers. Take a look at their Online Data Analysis tool for a rich lode of social survey data from all three of these states.

Those of you who’ve played around with the World Values Survey’s data in the past will be interested to learn that a new wave of questioning aimed at yielding 30-year time series is currently in progress.

  3 Responses to “Some South Caucasian perspectives on female exogamy”

  1. It might be that the Christians are more tolerant than Muslims…

  2. christians are also (in general) less inbred than muslims.

  3. The most obvious factor here is religious: the Christians don’t like marriage to non-Christians, and the Muslims don’t like marriage to non-Muslims. The poor selection of ethnic groups makes it difficult to discern any other signals, but it’s striking how low the neighbours score compared to more distant foreigners (Georgians in Armenia and vice versa), and that the Azeris have such negative attitudes to Kurds (perhaps tied in with border politics?)

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